• 1000 Miles to Glory: The History of the Baja 1000

    1000 Miles to Glory: The History of the Baja 1000

    For those who have taken on its dusty, larger-than-life challenge, the Baja 1000 has always been the ultimate battlefield of man and machine versus the elements. With roots stretching... Cena: 212,00 zł zobacz więcej
  • 1982: The inside story of an astonishing Grand Prix season

    1982: The inside story of an astonishing Grand Prix season

    The extraordinary events of the 1982 Formula One season are still hard to believe 25 years on. Most memorable of all was the thrilling fight for the title – the 16 races were won... Cena: 287,00 zł zobacz więcej
  • 50 Years of Stock Car Racing

    50 Years of Stock Car Racing

    Memories from five decades of NASCAR racing come alive in this beautifully illustrated book of stock car racing memorabilia. Go back to the days of Hudson Hornets and Plymouth Superbirds,... Cena: 168,00 zł zobacz więcej
  • A Winning Adventure

    A Winning Adventure

    When Honda entered the CART series in 1993, they were expected to dominate. Instead, they struggled. Spurred by a failure to qualify at Indianapolis, Honda applied innovative engineering... Cena: 212,00 zł zobacz więcej
  • Abarth: The man, the machines

    Abarth: The man, the machines

    This in-depth biography of Carlo Abarth details his personal life; his early motorcycling projects and races; the Cisitalia period and its unfortunate decline and his long and successful... Cena: 531,00 zł zobacz więcej
  • Alberto Ascari

    Alberto Ascari

    Following his highly-acclaimed and vividly illustrated biographies of Stirling Moss, Jackie Stewart, Juan Manuel Fangio and Dan Gurney, Karl Ludvigsen here tells the full racing history... Cena: 212,00 zł zobacz więcej
  • Alex Zanardi

    Alex Zanardi

    As sporting heroes go, you don't get much bolder than ex-Champ car ace Alex Zanardi. When he lost both legs in a terrible accident in 2001, Zanardi was determined to compete again. Two... Cena: 168,00 zł zobacz więcej
  • Archie and The Listers

    Archie and The Listers

    On 3 April 1954 the product of an unlikely union first took to the track, at Snetterton in Norfolk. The Lister-MG sports racing car, driven by a Scottish amateur who made his living... Cena: 176,00 zł zobacz więcej
  • Aston Martin: A Racing History

    Aston Martin: A Racing History

    This handsome volume provides a detailed account of Aston Martin’s fascinating and chequered motor racing history. Clearly setting out its evolution through various ownerships,... Cena: 287,00 zł zobacz więcej
  • Atmosphere and Light: The Automotive Paintings of Barry Rowe

    Atmosphere and Light: The Automotive Paintings of Barry Rowe

    Barry Rowe is in a long tradition of English artists focused on the car. His bold style emphasizes atmosphere and light. Almost all his paintings show warmth, which reflects his love... Cena: 619,00 zł zobacz więcej
  • Ayrton Senna: As time goes by

    Ayrton Senna: As time goes by

    Packed with anecdotes and photographs never published before, this brand-new study offers fresh insights into the life and death of Ayrton Senna. It includes first-hand research into... Cena: 176,00 zł zobacz więcej
  • Ayrton Senna: The whole story

    Ayrton Senna: The whole story

    In this meaty paperback, published to mark the tenth anniversary of Ayrton Senna’s death, Christopher Hilton marries and updates four of his earlier titles about the legendary... Cena: 101,00 zł zobacz więcej
  • Birel: 40 Years of Kart

    Birel: 40 Years of Kart

    At the end of the 1950s, a group of Italian craftsmen began to build kart chassis, attempting to reproduce those made in the USA. This marked the beginning of Umberto (nicknamed Birel)... Cena: 323,00 zł zobacz więcej
  • Bobby Rahal

    Bobby Rahal

    Among racers, three-time CART champion and Indianapolis 500-winner Bobby Rahal stands apart. His well-rounded driving career weaves through American and European motorsports and involves... Cena: 212,00 zł zobacz więcej
  • Boreham: The 40-year story of Ford’s motorsport dream factory

    Boreham: The 40-year story of Ford’s motorsport dream factory

    Ford's motorsport centre, at Boreham, Essex, first opened in 1963 and finally closed at the end of 2003, after 40 years of involvement with Ford's racing, rally and high-performance... Cena: 287,00 zł zobacz więcej
  • Brands Hatch

    Brands Hatch

    The Brands Hatch circuit in Kent is a motorsport mecca, and was once the busiest motorsport venue in the world. Scene of many classic Formula One and sports car races, as well as numerous... Cena: 250,00 zł zobacz więcej
  • Brooklands


    Brooklands, in its centenary year, is celebrated as a British institution of great importance to the history of car racing and aviation. But, as David Venables reveals in this glorious... Cena: 250,00 zł zobacz więcej
  • Brooklands Giants

    Brooklands Giants

    Woven together into one feast of nostalgia, Bill Boddy’s classic books Brooklands Giants and Aero-Engined Racing Cars at Brooklands have been re-issued in a single combined volume... Cena: 287,00 zł zobacz więcej
  • Bruce McLaren

    Bruce McLaren

    Bruce McLaren arrived in Europe in 1958 on a scholarship from the New Zealand Grand Prix Association, virtually unknown except for an endorsement from Jack Brabham. The impact he made... Cena: 212,00 zł zobacz więcej
  • Bugatti: A racing history

    Bugatti: A racing history

    Here is the first full racing history of Bugatti, from Ettore Bugatti’s endeavours with a racing motor tricycle in 1898, through to building the first racing T10 at Cologne in... Cena: 287,00 zł zobacz więcej


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