• Action Stations 8 (2nd Edition)

    Action Stations 8 (2nd Edition)

    An in-depth look at the military airfields of Greater London, now including sections on the RAF Airfield Construction Branch, and German camouflage. Cena: 157,00 zł zobacz więcej
  • Adventurous Model Railway Plans

    Adventurous Model Railway Plans

    From his knowledge, experience and love of railways, the author has prepared 30 extraordinary model railway plans. All but one are imaginary, inspired by studying other people’s... Cena: 146,00 zł zobacz więcej
  • Alcohol awareness manual

    Alcohol awareness manual

    Written by a well-known cognitive behavioural therapist, the Haynes Alcohol Manual examines all aspects of the use and abuse of this popular recreational drug. Following the triedand... Cena: 139,00 zł zobacz więcej
  • Birmingham & the Black Country Cycle Rides

    Birmingham & the Black Country Cycle Rides

    Following the success of the London Cycle Guide Haynes brings cycling to the people with afternoon rides designed around the city parkland, canals and countryside of Birmingham and the... Cena: 109,00 zł zobacz więcej
  • Bristol & Bath Cycle Rides

    Bristol & Bath Cycle Rides

    Following the success of the London Cycle Guide, Haynes brings cycling to the people with 20 leisure rides designed around the city paths, parkland and riversides of Bristol and Bath,... Cena: 109,00 zł zobacz więcej
  • Britain’s Best Walks

    Britain’s Best Walks

    Country Walking Magazine is Britain’s best-loved walking magazine, read by those looking to combine an enjoyable walk with a good day out. Each issue includes ‘Down your... Cena: 153,00 zł zobacz więcej
  • Britain’s Inspirational Gardens

    Britain’s Inspirational Gardens

    Garden Answers is THE monthly gardening magazine packed with practical advice and inspirational ideas aimed at lively gardeners of all ages. Each issue includes the popular features... Cena: 153,00 zł zobacz więcej
  • British Aircraft Armament Volume 2

    British Aircraft Armament Volume 2

    R. Wallace Clarke completes this comprehensive survey, detailing the guns used to arm all RAF fighting aircraft, together with the various sighting systems which have enabled gunners... Cena: 176,00 zł zobacz więcej
  • Buccaneer


    The Buccaneer was designed at the height of the Cold War to fly fast and low to deliver deadly nuclear weapons. Initially operated by the Royal Navy from aircraft carriers it later passed... Cena: 176,00 zł zobacz więcej
  • Build Your Own Computer (2nd Edition)

    Build Your Own Computer (2nd Edition)

    Building on the success of the original manual, this fully revised, updated and expanded second edition brings the reader right up to date with ever-changing technology. The aim remains... Cena: 146,00 zł zobacz więcej
  • Build Your Own Motorcaravan

    Build Your Own Motorcaravan

    One way to become the proud owner of a motorcaravan or camper van is to design and build it yourself. Not only can you create a distinctive holiday home, but you can also control the... Cena: 161,00 zł zobacz więcej
  • Build Your Own Website

    Build Your Own Website

    Times have changed since the options for building a DIY website were learning raw code or tweaking a cheesy template. The revolution has come in the main through blogs, or web logs,... Cena: 146,00 zł zobacz więcej
  • Camping Manual

    Camping Manual

    Increasing numbers of people are discovering that camping is an economical and attractive holiday option. At last, here is a book that will tell you all you need to know about planning... Cena: 153,00 zł zobacz więcej
  • Classic Car Interiors Restoration Manual

    Classic Car Interiors Restoration Manual

    This well-illustrated book, although aimed primarily at the owners of classic cars, provides the tricks of the trade to enable the interior of a car of any age to be successfully renovated.... Cena: 161,00 zł zobacz więcej
  • Classic Cars Restoration Manual

    Classic Cars Restoration Manual

    With thousands of practical tips, and more than 900 illustrations, this practical step-by-step guide charts the basics of classic car restoration, backed up with the inside knowledge... Cena: 161,00 zł zobacz więcej
  • Combat Kill

    Combat Kill

    This is a revealing account of the air combat experiences of fighter pilots and how they made their claims for the destruction of enemy aircraft in combat. Includes scale drawingsof... Cena: 176,00 zł zobacz więcej
  • Complete Book of Model Railway Electronics (2nd Edition)

    Complete Book of Model Railway Electronics (2nd Edition)

    A detailed introduction to the subject through projects of increasing complexity. Also describes how the operation and realism of a model railway can be enhanced through the application... Cena: 176,00 zł zobacz więcej
  • Computer Manual (3rd Edition)

    Computer Manual (3rd Edition)

    Following in the Haynes style of producing clear step-by-step guides, this full-colour manual shows how easy it is to upgrade, maintain and repair a PC. From adding more memory toinstalling... Cena: 146,00 zł zobacz więcej
  • Computer Troubleshooting Manual

    Computer Troubleshooting Manual

    Anybody who uses a computer knows how frustrating it is when things go wrong for no apparent reason or when an incomprehensible ‘error message’ precedes a catastrophiccrash.... Cena: 146,00 zł zobacz więcej
  • Cyclecraft


    A manual of skilled cycling techniques for adults, adapting the techniques of the successful Roadcraft series to this associated market. This edition includes advice on: which type of... Cena: 101,00 zł zobacz więcej


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